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"I Could Write A Book: The Beverly Fite Story"

From pre-Civil Rights Alabama to Rodgers and Hammerstein-era Broadway to present-day suburban Long Island, this whimsical and heartwarming biographical documentary tells the story of the life, career and indomitable spirit of a truly inspiring American voice.

A descendant of Pocahontas, Beverly Fite (known to many simply as "B") began her Broadway career as a dancer in the original Broadway stage production of Oklahoma! and she performed the role of Linda English in the original 1950 Columbia album "Pal Joey," singing the well-known Rodgers and Hart classics "Take Him" and "I Could Write A Book." B’s father was a country lawyer from the small town of Hamilton, Alabama and her mother was a member of Birmingham society. Hard times fall upon her family early in her life when her father is disbarred and prevented from practicing law. As B observes, “He loved the law… and when that was taken away from him…he was brokenhearted.” Join B on an emotional and revelatory journey back home to Hamilton and Birmingham, Alabama as she goes in search of the real story of her father’s disbarment and ultimately the meaning of her own life’s journey. Produced and Directed by Emmy® Award-winning filmmaker Ron Rudaitis ("The Puerto Ricans: Our American Story"; "Farming the Future: Farm Life on Long Island") this documentary tells her remarkable story - truly the extraordinary life of an ordinary person.

According to the filmmaker, Ron Rudaitis, “So much of B’s story will resonate with audiences, because her life is such a rich tapestry. You have the compelling story of her father’s disbarment in pre-Civil Rights Alabama, her mother’s courage and fortitude in the face of all that, as well as B’s search for answers to that life-changing event. You have the insider’s look at a working performer in 1940’s and 50’s New York, the tension between living life as a suburban housewife and being a career woman, as well as the emotional journey back to Alabama where she confronts her own mortality and attempts to make sense of her personal legacy. It’s a story that touches on Civil Rights and social justice, as well as women’s rights and it’s one that will leave audiences moved and ultimately cheering for B, who is truly a remarkable person and an exceptional artist. Just listen to her singing 'I Could Write A Book' or any other song and you will understand. The beauty of her voice is eclipsed perhaps only by the beauty of her spirit.”

"I Could Write A Book: The Beverly Fite Story"
Starring Beverly Fite Hanson aka "B"
Produced and Directed by Ron Rudaitis
Co-Producer: Polly Hanson Greenberg

Running Time: Approx. 60 minutes

© 2011 Rudaitis Media, Inc. and Polly Hanson Greenberg

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National Public Television Release Sept. 4, 2011 via American Public Television.
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