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Ron Rudaitis has produced and directed numerous national documentaries for broadcast television. His various programs have been seen on over 300 stations across the country. With time-tested experience and journalistic integrity, Ron Rudaitis works with documentary subject matter as diverse as culture, history, sports, health, science, biography, and current affairs.

Documentary Highlights:

Current Affairs
  • Farming the Future: Farm Life on Long Island
  • Suburban America: Problems & Promise

  • The Puerto Ricans: Our American Story
  • The Cuban Americans
  • The Italian Passion for Life
  • The Italian Americans II: A Beautiful Song
  • The Italian Americans
  • A Laugh, A Tear, A Mitzvah (Jewish Culture)

  • A Bridge Between Silence and Sound (Cochlear Implant)
  • Alzheimer's: Is There Hope?
  • Before It's Too Late: Heart Attack Prevention
  • The Other Drug Problem

  • ESPN's SportsCentury: Martina Navratilova
  • ESPN's SportsCentury: Lou Gehrig
  • Meet Mr. Miracle-Gro: The Horace Hagedorn Story

  • Fountain of Youth (13 episode TV series)

  • New York The Way It Was: The Bronx
  • New York The Way It Was: Brooklyn
  • New York The Way It Was: Wish You Were Here
  • New York The Way It Was: Central Park
  • New York Memories Vol. 1
  • The 12 Greatest Rounds of Boxing: The Untold Stories

"Farming the Future" Documentary
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National Public Television Release Sept. 4, 2011 via American Public Television.
Rudaitis Media's Emmy® nominated and award-winning documentary "Farming the Future: Farm Life on Long Island" has been selected as part of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's prestigious WORLDCompass initiative.
New Rudaitis Media Documentary airing via American Public Television.
New Rudaitis Media Documentary.

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